Dance Party!

One night we decided that we all were just done and stressed to the max with homework. Of course we went to and found this awesome 15 teen year-old singing and that just got us hyper. So we put on some music and started dancing like losers. We did the chicken dance, chi-chi slide, cupids shuffel, and many other dances were crazy. The only thing that I was worried about was that our neighbors could see us… maybe thats why they don’t say hi to us when we walk by. We had people over the next day to help us enjoy his video. It was a blast!


Three Girls One Bathroom.

Due to some complications, Kim moved out last week. She is now attending South Hills School of Business &  Technology  at the Altoona Campus. We wish her the best of luck with her studies through out the year. Since she moved out we are now looking for another roommate to take her place. I know after reading my blog your thinking, “who would ever want to move in that house!?” Honestly, we are not that bad we are just hyper… a lot! I promise to keep you posted on what is going on, trust me I still have fun things to blog about still.

It is just a key. Right?

Kim, Amy, and Leah have to leave earlier than I do, so that means that I am in charge of locking the door before I leave in the mornings. Easier said than done, TRUST ME. One day our door decided to be “ghetto”. We now have to pull the door as hard as we can when we are locking the door, its my daily workout. I was running late that day and I didn’t know that the door decided to be very rude, so I had to leave or I was going to be late for class. I decided that I was going to go to class and then come back and lock the door then. Talk about nerve-racking. I couldn’t think during class the only thing that I could think about was..

” .. someone is going to break in our house. Someone knows where we live and is going to steal my food!”

Now that I know that our door is dumb, I have not had anymore door issues until just the other day. I was on time one morning so I was going to leave early for class. I start digging in my book bag to look for my key…

ITS GONE!  My roommates are going to kill me!!!

Things are going through my head like crazy! I am running around the apartment, retracing my steps, and looking everywhere. So now that I am late for class I decided that I had to go, so I left. When class is over I talked my friend, Tiffany to go back to my apartment with me to look for the key. She starts looking everywhere and I start turning the apartment upside down. 

I start thinking that when I got home the night before, that I left it in the door and someone took it. I was FREAKING OUT!!

I called the landlord and found out that it is $5 to get a new key made, so I ordered one just to be safe. After I am all worked up and Tiffany decides that she is done going through all of my things, I started cleaning up everything and my keys were at the bottom of the pile. Thank God! I don’t know what I would have done if I really lost them. But now they are always in my book bag and not out of my sight.

What you think!

Someone Call The Fire Department!

It all started one morning when Kim was sick. I am not going to tell you what was going on because I don’t want people throwing up near their computers, so I will leave it at that. Being the nice roommate that I try to be, I got out of the room as fast I could. Honestly, I don’t have a very strong stomach as it is and just knowing that she was sick I couldn’t even be in the room. I ran down stairs and decided to make my own breakfast because I was early for once. If anyone reading this knows me, they know that I am a pretty good cook, at least I thought so. I love making food from scratch. So I decided to make Eggs In A Basket, which my boyfriend tought me how to make. I put the butter in the skillet and turned on our gas stove (which I am not use to using by the way). Once I was done making my breakfast I grabbed the pan and ran cold water on it to cool it down.  But I did not knwo that the pot was still hot before I know it,


The fire alarm is going off!

Amy and Leah are running down the steps freaking out and Kim and I are trying to figure out how to get the firm alarm to turn off. It took me awhile to try to convince everyone that I am honestly a good cook. I guess thats a Life Lesson Learned.

Cable vs TV

With all the stress of going to school let’s face it we all need a way to relax. My way is to watch TV especially JERSEY SHORE, I just like this show because I think its funny how they act. Sometimes I think that my apartment is going to get its own TV show someday. Now we can’t relax by watching TV because our screen is fuzzy. Who knew that this little thing would drive four girls insane? When it gets too bad that you can’t even see the screen Kim smacks the side of the TV as hard as she can, I guess that does something, not physically but mentally. Leah and I to the rescue! We learned how to fix the TV every time that it is not working.  I think that I should just quit school and go work for the cable company. (Not really) Leah and I fixed the TV so that now you can watch it without it being fuzzy! What we had to do was push one wire one way and pull the other end the other way.Then we found out that Kim dropped the TV when we were moving in so that it’s not the cable that has been broken it’s the TV… awesome so we are not as good as we thought that we were. Before we know it the picture becomes 1/2 inch wide and 6 inches long, so now we can only listen to TV.  Now we are just annoyed with it all and we don’t even turn the TV on.

Thanks to Kim’s Grandmother, we got a new TV!

There is AHHH BUG!!!

After only the second day of school we come home just to talk, do homework, and of course eat ice cream, while relaxing we decided to go to bed early. Leah was already asleep, so we walked up to our bedrooms quietly and Amy decided to take a shower before she went to bed. Kim and I are sitting in our beds talking, we hear the shower starting like nothing new or out of the ordinary. Before we knew it Amy comes into our room with her towel on, freaking out. I started thinking the worst of the worst. She finally starts to calm down and the only words that we could understand where,

“Guys, come look in the shower!!”

Kim and I walk in (please remember that Leah is out cold), before I could even look to see what is in the shower, Kim starts SCREAMING, waking up a very very unhappy Leah. And this is what we found!!!


I know that they are not that good of pictures, but when your freaking out you really don’t care about the quality of the picture. It was no ordinary bug!

Me being a country gal, I was in charge of killing the bug! I ran back to my closet and grabbed a sneaker because that is what I always saw my dad do when there was a bug back home. I took the sneaker and smacked it as hard as I could. Guts went flying everywhere and my roommates where trying to hold down the ice cream that they just ate.

Two roommates trying to hold down their ice cream, “dead” bug guts everywhere, and a MAD roommate… great!

Never again were they going to take a shower in our shower because of the dead bug guts everywhere. I got toilet paper and a Clorox wipe. I bent down to pick up the bug, with both of the girls peaking over my shoulder,  just then this evil  spawn of a cock roach and a moth comes flying towards our faces. Kim screams again like we are in a SAW movie or something. At this point we are just freaked out and seriously thinking about going to get one of our guy neighbors to come kill this bug. Once the bug finally calms down I grabbed my shoe again and killed it again. Then I had to clean the shower with the wipe and flushed the bug.

Freaking out, we decided how to solve our problem!! We called our landlord and they called Orkin. It took us all forever to fall asleep cause we were scared that there were more bugs crawling in our beds or in just anywhere! That is the last time that we leave our bedroom window open without a screen.

Problem Solved!

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