Quote of the night: “Get 911 on Speed Dial!”

I was sitting in Amy ‘s room doing our nightly gossip while Leah was in the shower. I started telling my story and then…. I stopped in the middle of my sentence. Amy  quietly asked if I heard the same noise. Before I could answer her, we both heard the noise again it sounded like foot steps downstairs.  Without any hesitation, we locked her door then ran into her bathroom locking the door behind us. We ran into the shower room (where Leah was still showering). Amy was pulling the one door shut while I was pushing the other door shut. We started whispering to Leah (who was still in the shower freaking out) about what just happened. Amy handed Leah her towel then she got out of the shower to call her mom- since she was the only one who had their phone. Go figure the one in the shower is the only one that has a phone… She called her mom, who told us to

call 911.

 Once we finally calmed down from laughing and freaking out at the same time, I decided to check the appartment. I told Leah,

“Get 911 on speed dial, incase I die. Then please call my mom.”

 What would you grab in a girls bathroom to protect yourself???? I grabbed hairspray and a pocket knife, and Leah and Amy made fun of me. I figured I could do some serious damage with the mixture. After I went downstairs and no one was there we just laughed about the whole thing in the living room. Got to love living with girls…


5 Tips on Picking the Perfect Roommate

I have to say now that my roommates and I are all getting along, I still get worried every time that I try to find another roommate. I went on different search engines to find websites to post that we are looking for a new roommate. I think that I found more horror stories than anything else, and I mean HORROR stories. Some people should just live with their parents and not even try to go out on their own! But I found a website that I think that anyone looking for a roommate needs to look at,  5 Tips on picking the perfect roommate. I just changed some of the wording around but you can go to the website and read it for yourself.

  1. Get a roommate that is like you. If you are not a clean freak try to find a roommate that is not one as well. That way if you leave something around it will not spark up a fight or anything like that.
  2. Try to find a roommate that has a job. Chances are that if they do not have a job or in between jobs, they are not going to be able to pay rent and/or the utility bills.
  3. Find a roommate that does NOT do illegal drugs… This one speaks for itself!
  4. If you like to party find a roommate that likes to party, but if you are more of a quite person try to find a roommate that is quite as well. If you find someone that is opposite of you drama will begin.
  5. (I don’t really agree with this one) Do a background check and reference checks. Basically make sure that they do not have a criminal background.


The refrigerator that works a little too well!

Yes our refrigerator is running and NO I am not going to go catch it.

Our fridge is working a little too well right now, I think that it is broken but it is working though. It has been freezing all of our food. We will buy milk one night and by the time that mornings rolls around it is frozen solid.  We talked to our landlord and they told us to turn it down. Of course we tried that we are no that dumb. The problem is if we turn the fridge down it also turns the freezer down as well, so that means that our ice cream starts to melt then. NOT GOOD!! If you have any suggestions on what we should do please let me know! We are losing to much food cause of this problem.

Dance Party!

One night we decided that we all were just done and stressed to the max with homework. Of course we went to youtube.com and found this awesome 15 teen year-old singing and that just got us hyper. So we put on some music and started dancing like losers. We did the chicken dance, chi-chi slide, cupids shuffel, and many other dances were crazy. The only thing that I was worried about was that our neighbors could see us… maybe thats why they don’t say hi to us when we walk by. We had people over the next day to help us enjoy his video. It was a blast!

Three Girls One Bathroom.

Due to some complications, Kim moved out last week. She is now attending South Hills School of Business &  Technology  at the Altoona Campus. We wish her the best of luck with her studies through out the year. Since she moved out we are now looking for another roommate to take her place. I know after reading my blog your thinking, “who would ever want to move in that house!?” Honestly, we are not that bad we are just hyper… a lot! I promise to keep you posted on what is going on, trust me I still have fun things to blog about still.

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