My name is Jess Long and I am a student at South Hills School of Business and Technology. I am going for a Business Administration: Marketing and Management Associates Degree. I guess that you should know the reason that I am writing this blog. No, it’s not my online journal, it is for one of my classes. I am in an internet marketing class and we are learning many different ways that a business can market online.  With this class we are learning what it would be like to be a “blogger” for a business, by doing so we are to think of our own topic to blog about.

 Before I get into what this blog is about I guess that I should really tell you about my life, without giving out too much information. I am from a really small town that is about thirty minutes away from any store or well, any civilization. This makes it hard to have any kind of social life at all, unless you are friends with the Amish. But now that I am going to school in State College, I decided to move out to what I call a “Big City” – State College. I left behind my parents, a ten-year old brother, a nine-year old sister, and three adorable cats that do not like me. The day that I moved out was a little hard because my boyfriend was moving out of his house on the same day. My boyfriend and I have been dating for two and half years, so that makes it hard to leave still each other. I have three other girls who I am living with. Did I mention that there is only ONE SHOWER?! I will be blogging about them a little later on so that you can get to know them just as well as I do. But now that I have moved out, settled in my apartment, and started classes, I thought that I would make my blog about this experience of living on my own. Everyone tells me that this is a learning experience, I sure hope it’s a positive experience to say the least. I hope that you enjoy getting to know my roommates and what crazy things go on after classes.

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