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Hi! I want to personally thank Jess for having me on her blog as a guest blogger, my name is Lacie Redmond. When reading all of her posts, I thought to myself, wow it must be crazy living with two other girls, all while going to college and working! (..I only have to live with my mom and two cats) I would defiantly have learned a lot more life lessons!What I have learned from Jess’s Blog really goes along with my last post about change. I think that reading Jess’s blog really has made me think of all of the different things you have to go through and learn when you move out on your own. Not only is she away from her family for the first time, but she also is living with two other girls! All I can say is good luck Jess and I know that this time in your life is exciting yet scary, but you will have a ton of live lessons to learn from this new chapter in your life!

And for those random intruder‘s Jess, remember, you live on the good side of State College!

Top ten Life lessons you learn while reading Jess’s blog

  • 10. Don’t plan on buying ice cream ANY time soon, the fridge is still broken.
  • 9. Yep, so is the door.
  • 8. You can always get a new key, or 5.
  • 7. Well its almost the middle of November and your not insane.
  • 6. Learning the fire departments’ phone number
  • 5. Bugs come in the size of small cats
  • 4. You have no privacy what so ever!
  • 3. You now know that choosing a new roommate is harder than it seems.
  • 2. You do not need both a can of hairspray and a pocket knife to scare away a/an invisible “intruder” only chose one.
  • 1. Dance parties are on Wednesdays.

Thanks again Jess!! Good luck with everything!


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