Quote of the night: “Get 911 on Speed Dial!”

I was sitting in Amy ‘s room doing our nightly gossip while Leah was in the shower. I started telling my story and then…. I stopped in the middle of my sentence. Amy  quietly asked if I heard the same noise. Before I could answer her, we both heard the noise again it sounded like foot steps downstairs.  Without any hesitation, we locked her door then ran into her bathroom locking the door behind us. We ran into the shower room (where Leah was still showering). Amy was pulling the one door shut while I was pushing the other door shut. We started whispering to Leah (who was still in the shower freaking out) about what just happened. Amy handed Leah her towel then she got out of the shower to call her mom- since she was the only one who had their phone. Go figure the one in the shower is the only one that has a phone… She called her mom, who told us to

call 911.

 Once we finally calmed down from laughing and freaking out at the same time, I decided to check the appartment. I told Leah,

“Get 911 on speed dial, incase I die. Then please call my mom.”

 What would you grab in a girls bathroom to protect yourself???? I grabbed hairspray and a pocket knife, and Leah and Amy made fun of me. I figured I could do some serious damage with the mixture. After I went downstairs and no one was there we just laughed about the whole thing in the living room. Got to love living with girls…


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  1. getcollege
    Dec 22, 2010 @ 20:30:58

    Thank god no one was there and you guys are are alright!! I’m just kind of checking out different ‘college’ blogs and I stumbled across yours! I like your idea about writing up on something as fun as this. Definitely a good topic. Come check ours out! We don’t have too many posts yet but we have word docs full of ideas and topics we’re going to cover.. hope you come out and enjoy! And good luck with your bathroom! lol


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