5 Tips on Picking the Perfect Roommate

I have to say now that my roommates and I are all getting along, I still get worried every time that I try to find another roommate. I went on different search engines to find websites to post that we are looking for a new roommate. I think that I found more horror stories than anything else, and I mean HORROR stories. Some people should just live with their parents and not even try to go out on their own! But I found a website that I think that anyone looking for a roommate needs to look at,  5 Tips on picking the perfect roommate. I just changed some of the wording around but you can go to the website and read it for yourself.

  1. Get a roommate that is like you. If you are not a clean freak try to find a roommate that is not one as well. That way if you leave something around it will not spark up a fight or anything like that.
  2. Try to find a roommate that has a job. Chances are that if they do not have a job or in between jobs, they are not going to be able to pay rent and/or the utility bills.
  3. Find a roommate that does NOT do illegal drugs… This one speaks for itself!
  4. If you like to party find a roommate that likes to party, but if you are more of a quite person try to find a roommate that is quite as well. If you find someone that is opposite of you drama will begin.
  5. (I don’t really agree with this one) Do a background check and reference checks. Basically make sure that they do not have a criminal background.



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