Someone Call The Fire Department!

It all started one morning when Kim was sick. I am not going to tell you what was going on because I don’t want people throwing up near their computers, so I will leave it at that. Being the nice roommate that I try to be, I got out of the room as fast I could. Honestly, I don’t have a very strong stomach as it is and just knowing that she was sick I couldn’t even be in the room. I ran down stairs and decided to make my own breakfast because I was early for once. If anyone reading this knows me, they know that I am a pretty good cook, at least I thought so. I love making food from scratch. So I decided to make Eggs In A Basket, which my boyfriend tought me how to make. I put the butter in the skillet and turned on our gas stove (which I am not use to using by the way). Once I was done making my breakfast I grabbed the pan and ran cold water on it to cool it down.  But I did not knwo that the pot was still hot before I know it,


The fire alarm is going off!

Amy and Leah are running down the steps freaking out and Kim and I are trying to figure out how to get the firm alarm to turn off. It took me awhile to try to convince everyone that I am honestly a good cook. I guess thats a Life Lesson Learned.


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