Cable vs TV

With all the stress of going to school let’s face it we all need a way to relax. My way is to watch TV especially JERSEY SHORE, I just like this show because I think its funny how they act. Sometimes I think that my apartment is going to get its own TV show someday. Now we can’t relax by watching TV because our screen is fuzzy. Who knew that this little thing would drive four girls insane? When it gets too bad that you can’t even see the screen Kim smacks the side of the TV as hard as she can, I guess that does something, not physically but mentally. Leah and I to the rescue! We learned how to fix the TV every time that it is not working.  I think that I should just quit school and go work for the cable company. (Not really) Leah and I fixed the TV so that now you can watch it without it being fuzzy! What we had to do was push one wire one way and pull the other end the other way.Then we found out that Kim dropped the TV when we were moving in so that it’s not the cable that has been broken it’s the TV… awesome so we are not as good as we thought that we were. Before we know it the picture becomes 1/2 inch wide and 6 inches long, so now we can only listen to TV.  Now we are just annoyed with it all and we don’t even turn the TV on.

Thanks to Kim’s Grandmother, we got a new TV!


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