There is AHHH BUG!!!

After only the second day of school we come home just to talk, do homework, and of course eat ice cream, while relaxing we decided to go to bed early. Leah was already asleep, so we walked up to our bedrooms quietly and Amy decided to take a shower before she went to bed. Kim and I are sitting in our beds talking, we hear the shower starting like nothing new or out of the ordinary. Before we knew it Amy comes into our room with her towel on, freaking out. I started thinking the worst of the worst. She finally starts to calm down and the only words that we could understand where,

“Guys, come look in the shower!!”

Kim and I walk in (please remember that Leah is out cold), before I could even look to see what is in the shower, Kim starts SCREAMING, waking up a very very unhappy Leah. And this is what we found!!!


I know that they are not that good of pictures, but when your freaking out you really don’t care about the quality of the picture. It was no ordinary bug!

Me being a country gal, I was in charge of killing the bug! I ran back to my closet and grabbed a sneaker because that is what I always saw my dad do when there was a bug back home. I took the sneaker and smacked it as hard as I could. Guts went flying everywhere and my roommates where trying to hold down the ice cream that they just ate.

Two roommates trying to hold down their ice cream, “dead” bug guts everywhere, and a MAD roommate… great!

Never again were they going to take a shower in our shower because of the dead bug guts everywhere. I got toilet paper and a Clorox wipe. I bent down to pick up the bug, with both of the girls peaking over my shoulder,  just then this evil  spawn of a cock roach and a moth comes flying towards our faces. Kim screams again like we are in a SAW movie or something. At this point we are just freaked out and seriously thinking about going to get one of our guy neighbors to come kill this bug. Once the bug finally calms down I grabbed my shoe again and killed it again. Then I had to clean the shower with the wipe and flushed the bug.

Freaking out, we decided how to solve our problem!! We called our landlord and they called Orkin. It took us all forever to fall asleep cause we were scared that there were more bugs crawling in our beds or in just anywhere! That is the last time that we leave our bedroom window open without a screen.

Problem Solved!


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