Top 10 Facts About Kim.

10. Has been working at Justice for 2 years now. It is a Pre-teen clothing store for all of those that don’t know (Gates).

9. Longest relationship lasted for two and half months, but we are no longer allowed to talk about this in the house anymore…

8. We first met I transferred to her elementary school, St. Rose of Lima. She was in 4th grade and I was in 5th.

7. Favorite number is  veintitrés (23). I personally hate that number!

6. Attending South Hills for the DMS program.

5. Graduated in 2010 from Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High School Inc., better known as BGHS.

4.  Had to leave her graduation early because her Pappy was in the hospital. He passed away in May, she now has a tattoo on her left arm to remember him. It says LOVE in the middle, pappy on one side, and the date on the other side.  

3. Favorite color is LIME GREEN.

2. Hide yo Kids! Hide yo Wife!   Is the song that is stuck in Kim’s head right now.

1. Known as the trucker mouth of the house. Yes, I did ask her if I was allowed to write that.


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