The Name Game.

I talked to my roommates to see if it was ok if I used their names and pictures throughout the blog. They didn’t think it was a very good idea, so they decided to make up their own names. I thought that this would be a good idea to get them more involved in the blog, but little did I know how much fun that they were going to have with that. After about an hour of picking names and laughing at the names that the other girls picked out, all three of them decided on names for themselves. Let me introduce my roommates to you: Bobbette, Shawniqua, and Grace… I am not kidding these are the names that they picked out. I am not living in the hood of State College just to let you know. Since this blog is going to be at least twelve weeks long, and I have to write their fake names again and again, I am going to “fix” the names. I am just going to make them a little bit shorter and more common of names.

Sorry girls if your reading this.

So Bobbette is going to be Amy, Shawniqua is going to be Kim, and Grace is going to be Leah. Short, sweet and to the point. Since there are only two bedrooms Kim and I are sharing one room while Amy and Leah are sharing the other room. Now that you know what my roommates fake names are now you will get to know them in the next few blogs.


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